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Super Anime 3D

Riccardo Mollame
November 19th 1999 (version 1.0)
June 27th 2013 (version 2.0)
Imagery published in SA3D is best enjoyed with a full color (i.e. 16M colors) 800x600 resolution monitor. Because many sections are heavily populated with images, it is likely to experience slow response times, especially in loading pages like " about my works" or the thumbnails galleries: in the latter, wait for the tip popping from every picture suggesting pixel and byte sizes to have an idea of the download. All images are compressed through the JPEG format and therefore slightly affected by some degradation
The absence of javascript or any other interactive features should guarantee a high degree of compatibility of SA3D with the most popular browsers available. The whole site has been flawlessly tested under Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari and Explorer . Fonts used are Calibri, Arial and Tahoma.
Over 110 rendered images, 66 of which included in the robots galleries.

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