Site log


February 12
The site, the embryo of this site, is opened: it consists of a single page with a monochromatic Gundam head at the center and bears the title ”Para3Dise”. No registration at any search engine has done: propaganda is limited only among friends.  Gundam model is not yet finished.
February 25
First site restyling. The main page is frame-structured and a large logo saying "the Super Robots 3D experience" stands out in the middle of the main frame: a click on a B/W group image of Grendizer, Getta Robot and Gundam heads introduces directly to a first Gundam gallery, consisting of three pictures. The index page title is now "The Anime Super Robots 3D Experience"
March 30
Second site restyling. The main frame introduces now to a page where three logos, namely Gundam, Grendizer and Jeeg, link to as many distinct galleries dedicated to the specific robot: total images are about fifteen. The index page title is now aligned with the mainframe logo content.   Visitors hits reach barely fifty and remain about this score for a long time.  From now on and for some months no other material is added to the site: the original, hazy project becomes a goal and all further works completed, started or scheduled are meant to be published directly in the new site.
May ?
An Altavista's spider finds and registers several pages of the site (I suppose that's how it's gone): after months of plateau, visits begin to increase slowly but constantly.
July 1
Visits reach 100.
July 18
The site (SA3D) is registered. The originally intended name was simply anime3d: due to a incorrect search at the Internic I made time before, I got aware that the address was already engaged (but not used) only the day before the planned registration.
November 19
After a huge and exhausting tour de force spent creating new characters and images, rebuilding all scenes previously shown and re-rendering the relative shots (in order to obtain true unpublished material), about sixty pictures, along with the whole site contents, are deposited at the SIAE (Società Italiana Editori ed Autori).  The site is finally brought on-line in all its parts and officially open to the public: it inherits the basic idea of the former site together with its visits score (650 hits) but it's so radically restructured and enhanced with new subjects (Great Mazinger and Mazinger Z joined the band) that it would be more appropriate to talk of an entirely new site.
December 31
End-year total visits: 950.


January 3
SA3D is selected as one of the Anime Web Turnpike's ( sites of the week and included in the Weekly Web Picks of 1/3/00: a substantial growth of site traffic follows.
January 4
Visits reach 1000.

2001 - 2011

A whole decade: quite nothing to report.


Some day early in the year
I casually discover that the web site is down. Upon contacting the provider, I get a reply of the sort  “...yes, actually we've experienced some technical difficulties lately. By the way, don't you by chance have any backup of your web pages?...”.  No comment. I decided it wasn't too smart to keep on paying for this sort of “service”, so I started waiting for the SA3D registration to expire in order to acquire it myself directly.  Meanwhile, of course, the site virtually disappeared.
Tragedy: before I could do anything to prevent it - a matter of hours, I guess - SA3D's URL falls into filthy aliens' hands.


April ?
Heaven: the filthy aliens' hands unexpectedly let go of “my” URL.
April 14
I acquire the URL.
June 27
The present version of the site goes finally on line: thorough restyling (nothing fancy though), addition of a text only new page and minimal cuts and alterations to the content – namely broken links, references to “fossils” (like the rings) and obviously the logo of the original provider of the site. I've resisted the temptation to amend some seriously outdated stuff (including my english: I guess it seriously improved in 15 years) here and there, but ultimately only the site log – i.e. the present page – knew some real additions, namely the few lines you've just finished reading.